Autodidact artist and polymath Philip Barfred was born in Copenhagen Denmark. After a working as a scientist for some years he dropped out of academia to practise as an artist and traveller on the path towards self. Educated in agronomy, forestry, biological chemistry, microbiology, astrology, visual arts and martial arts he is today practising as an artist and astrologist/healer.

Work: Visual artist, astrologist, postman, lumberjack, scientific research, science teacher, dishwasher, taichi teacher, councelling, healing, juror.
Travels: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Kroatia, Macedonia, Greece,Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Poland, Czechia, Tyrkey, Lithuania, Estonia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Siberia, Kasakhstan, Kirghizistan, Damanhur.
Education: MSc. Plant chemistry. PhD studies in biochemistry and microbiology. Studies in philosophy. Jungian analysis. Studies in the esoteric sciences alchemy, tarot and general symbolism.
Autodidact visual artist. Diploma in Astropsychology. 1.dan black belt Japan Karate Association, PPL (private pilot licence). Reiki Seichim Master, Coastal Sailing Diploma.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark and St. Julien France.